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Artist Statement

Of his work, Skondovitch stated: "I produce my art because I have to, the way people breathe. I have worked since childhood. In order to express myself I must get the ideas in my head on paper or canvas. I feel you are influenced by others in your art and you also influence others—it is this cauldron that makes the artist. My roots are in the Abstract Expressionist movement of the 1940s and 1950s; in the 1950s I worked and studied in New York where I had the privilege of personal friendships with many artists of this movement. I have worked on paper, mutating conventional media by mixing watercolors, oil pastels and acrylics together, bringing a monoprint to underlie a painting. This is one way that I make my art. Others are oil on canvas, basic acrylic and watercolors on paper."


Alfred leads a sketch group


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