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"Show at the Poindexter Gallery Offers an Index to Contemporary Trends"

The New York Times, 1955
by Dore Ashton

Moments of exploration, intuitive notation and recreation in the lives of more than fifty contemporary artists are recorded in a cross-section exhibition of drawings, water-colors and small oils at the Poindexter Gallery, 46 East Fifty-Seventh Street. The show stresses informal aspects of work being done today by both the major American painters many of them abstract, and by lesser known but gifted artists. And, without intending to (which is the best way), the organizers of this exhibition offer a useful index to trends in contemporary art.

Among the many painters represented with distinctive work are Richard Diebenkorn, who, even when working with a small format succeeds in suggesting vast spaces; David Sawin, with black-and-white studies of light behind the picture-plane; Joan Mitchell, whose brush flows easily in informal oils; Philip Guston, with drifting calligraphic black-and-white gouaches; Jack Tworkov, whose pencil drawing with its whirring line describes excitement; Esteban Vicente, with elegant black-and-white collages, and Alfred Skondovitch, who paints small, moving landscapes.

Others represented with equally good work are Willem deKooning, Franz Kline, William Scharf, Dorothy Heller, Michael Goldberg, Sylvia Wald, Wolf Kahn, Felix Pasilis and Joe Stefanelli.

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